Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tired Black Man?

***To gain perspective into this entry, you must have first viewed the video being referenced. If you have not received an email titled "Tired Black Man," and have not viewed the video contained therein, please click here before reading any further.***

Tired black man? Hmmm. He's right, he is tired, just not in the way he thinks. He's tired because he just perpetuates the stereotype that black women are angry and bitter. He's tired because he perpetuates that stereotype without considering the wrongs black women have suffered (and continue to suffer) at the hands of black men. He's tired because he thinks his worth is based on the financial security he has provided for his family, rather than the emotional support that his family really needs.

The website says, "Now It's Black Men's Turn To Exhale." Like I've said in the past, I love black men, but ya'll can be some of the most dense people on earth. As I have had to explain to many a man in the past, "Waiting to Exhale" was not a movie with four black women bashing black men. Rather, it focused on the bad decisions that women make in life, including their bad decisions about men. So perhaps our "Tired Black Man" is just tired because he keeps picking the wrong women.

To the "Tired Black Man" and all the men out there who are like him, it sounds like YOU are the ones who are bitter. It sounds like you are trying to pawn off your poor judgment and bad decision-making skills on women, rather than taking accountability for your own actions.

By the way -- before the comments start -- unlike the sistas in the video, I DO have a man.