Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If I Get The Jamie Foxx Email One More Time...

If I get one more email telling me to support Jamie Foxx's NBC special, I will scream!!! (For those who have not seen the email, it claims that NBC is not promoting Jamie's special because he refused to add white people to his cast.) Yes, I am guilty of it too. When I first received the email, I too passed it along. However, I am also known to forward emails that address political and social concerns as well. I have received the email about Jamie's special at least 8 times in a matter of 1.5 days. I don't think I've ever received the same email that many times in such a short period of time.

Don't get me wrong, I like Jamie Foxx. I like his comedy, his movies, and his music. However, Jamie doesn't make or interpret laws. He doesn't put food on your table. He doesn't provide you with healthcare. He doesn't take care of your kids. So why all the fuss about his NBC special???

It's disconcerting that black folks will mobilize in a major way when it comes to supporting a black entertainer, but fail to mobilize on issues that directly affect us. Mainly, and arguably most importantly, black folks don't vote. Of course there are exceptions to that rule, but for the most part, black people do not vote. We constantly use excuses like, "My vote doesn't count" to deter us from entering the polls on Election Day. We sat idly by in 2004 and watched while Bush was elected into office. We are now feeling the effects of this lackadaisical attitude as another conservative Bush appointment is being confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and as he continues to appoint conservative judges to the federal bench. And as the federal courts continue to address (and possibly strike down) issues that are important to us, such as affirmative action, we will begin feeling the ill effects of our failure to mobilize and vote.

It's not that I'm against black folks supporting black entertainers, quite the contrary is true; however, I don't think we should do it to the exclusion of the issues that are vital to us. I love to see my people demonstrate passion on issues important to them -- the concern is that many times the issues that elicit that passion are of little importance in the big scheme of things.

-- Notta


thespookwhosatbythedoor said...

I too have received this e-mail numerous times, and I'm just about sick of it! While I haven't seen a lot of promo for this show, I don't watch NBC like that anyway so I wouldn't know if there was.
Moreover, its not like there aren't any shows with an all-black cast on network television. In fact, most of the all-black sitcoms are nothing but modern day minstrel shows anyway, i.e. "My Wife and Kids."

There are more important issues affecting African-Americans. What they should be sending around 15 times a day is the news report showing that Bush knew about the potentially disasterous effects of hurricane Katrina at least 2 days before the hurricane hit shore. He also received information indicating that the levys would break as well, yet lied on national television stating that he had no idea of the potential damage. Mabye that will influence some of those black folks who voted for Bush in 2004 because they were afraid of gay marriage.

Joey D said...

But Jamie Foxx was in "Ray". That is FAR more relevant to everyday topics than, say, the hurricane katrina reponse.

I think the problem is that people, as a whole, are too lazy. It is easy to forward emails and just sit at your computer in an effort to "make a difference". But when it comes to actually getting out of your seat, research some political issues, and make an educated vote (not just in presidential, but local elections too for that matter) people just won't do it.

It is the nature of the American society. We, in a blanket statement, are too lazy!

Abdul said...


Good blog. I wish black people would get a excited about education and real economic empowerment as opposed to this nonsense. You'll likely hear more people complain about UPN going away than children getting a quality education.

Sol Mann sol_on_ice@yahoo.com said...

I feel you, Notta. Our mutual amigo in Kinsasha, Ira, turned me on to your site. I look forward to more commentary. Do your thing. OG

Davina said...

Hey girl! Ditto and amen. One of your commenters mentioned modern day minstrel shows. Any thoughts on that? Keep bloggin' :)


Notta Golddigger said...

Hey Davina -- At some level, I have to agree with the "minstrel show" reference by thespookwhosatbythedoor. I don't necessarily agree that "My Wife and Kids" is deserving of that designation because, sadly or not, "My Wife and Kids" is probably one of the better shows with an all-black cast. However, thoughts of shows like "Eve," "Cuts," and "All Of Us" -- all on UPN -- do conjure up images of a "minstrel show."

Unfortunately, shows like "The Cosby Show," which did an excellent job of not portraying black folks in steretypical roles, do not exist. Even shows like "Girlfriends" continue to portray black women as divas with attitude problems -- while failing to demonstrate the grace and compassion with which many black women live their lives.

Ramblin Man said...

I applaud you...you are like your mother, a strong, and strong-willed woman not afraid to speak her mind-your mother, I know is very proud of you!!!!

Bree King said...

I hear you. I actually saw the advertisement on NBC, but I have gotten the email only once, but since I saw it on NBC-and then again when Jamie was on Jay Leno last night-I already knew. A local radio station here-97.9-was also discussing this, too.

There is so much going on in the world right now, but if I hear someone else talk about the world changing and racism being gone-I am going to scream! Racism and prejudice are just as advanced and in full swing more than ever.

What the rest of the world is finding out about Bush, we here in Texas have none for years.

As far as the minstrel shows and African-Americans being upset that UPN and the WB are combining, I have never really cared for My Wife and Kids. I think that they discuss things that are way to advanced or just plain stupid for the characters and their storylines(8 years olds dating, an uneducated son with an educated girlfriend with a baby out of wedlock, a daughter so stuck on herself but totatlly dumb, etc.). I just feel that we are still portrayed the way white people still see us. Now there is a movie out with Sanaa Lathan sleeping with the White yard man. WHAT?! I am not dogging interracial relationships, but I am saying that we need to take care of ourselves and stop giving in just to make a buck.

I think the biggest disappointment I have seen in recent years was the mayoral race in Newark, New Jersey back in 2002 with Corey Booker and Sharp James. I have never seen such unintelligence from Mr. James saying that Corey Booker was not dark enough in skin-tone to represent the black citizens of Newark. He was also saying that Corey Booker was a black jew, and all of this mess. Just for the white man to create a documentary on it and broadcast it on PBS a couple of weeks ago.

We do not all have to descend from the ghettos to make a difference for out people! WAKE UP BLACK FOLKS!!