Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This is me, Notta Golddigger.


Anonymous said...

Notta Golddigger, I'm interested in your thoughts on #1, video vixens/hos; and #2, NFL/NBA groupies. Maybe a topic for next Monday.....

Have you seen the VH1 special? (See link below)


beyourowndiva said...


I'm glad you said it! your girlfriends get man whe you stop drying their tears. After the fifth time it gets old.
What if your female friend treated you the same way that a
no-good-man does?

You bought all her meals?
She hit you?
She lied to you?
Said she was on her way but never showed up?
NEVER bought you gift but you always "hook her up"
Borrowed your car but was an hour late to pick you up from work?

5 minutes... you might just beat her ass!

If you won't take it from your girls that are there for you when he hurts you, why would you accept it from someone who abuses you?

I hate hearing but mostly I hate seeing my Queens go through it.

Curry said...

Man if ya girls are treating you that way, and men treat you that way .... uuh, just a thought but, it sounds like YOU are the one who needs adjusting, NOT the abuser. People have obviously got you mixed up with a football field; just'a runnin' all over you.

Perception said...

I feel your messages. I like what you're doing, so keep it coming. Maybe you can wake up one, or a few, or maybe a nation or two. Peace.