Monday, June 26, 2006

Just Because It Comes In Your Size, Doesn't Mean You Should Buy It.

After spending Sunday at the amusement park, and getting home at 11:00 p.m. -- with a full day of work ahead Monday -- I decided this week's entry will be a little more lighthearted than some of my recent entries.

Like I said, I spent Sunday at the amusement park, riding rides, eating good -- and unhealthy -- food, hanging with my friends, and of course, people watching. And of course there were a lot of people wearing things they had no business wearing, which was magnified due to the fact that the amusement part has an adjoining water park. And although I didn't see too many black folk in the wrong on Sunday, black folk (and other folk) have been known for wearing clothes that don't necessarily complement their body types.

There are certain things I don't want to see when I go out. Among them are cellulite on the backs of thighs; guts peeking out from underneath shirts, as if they are in search of freedom; and breasts resting upon stomachs. Yuck, yuck and yuck!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not faulting people for not having perfect bodies -- because I know mine ain't all that. All I'm saying is KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS!!!!! Just because it comes in your size doesn't mean you should buy it, let alone wear it. And just because you may be comfortable enough with your body to rock that mini with the low-cut midriff -- despite the fact that you are 5'2" and 200 lbs -- doesn't mean you should subject the rest of us to the resulting mess. Hell, I may be comfortable walking around butt naked, but that doesn't mean I would do it. God forbid I subject anyone to THAT mess!



Anonymous said...


It appears that you are unfairly singling out big gurls when arguments can easily be made about portly men in overstretched white tees or scantly clad way-too-skinny pre-teen young women and men trying to pass as grown folks. Think about Snoop Dogg in the white tee in the movie Baby Boy...for an example of someone who actually needs a dash of cellulite.

I agree that many people wear outfits that are unflattering; however, someone needs to call them out and let the offending person know that their outfit is not not cute... or handsome...for that matter.

I know those folks at the park did not arrive there question is, where were their friends???

I think the phrase, "friends don't let friends drive drunk" could be easily transitioned to "friends don't let friends go out in public looking unsightly!"

Given that friends are generally silent on the tender issues such as dress and the relative "cuteness" of an outfit. I urge all of us to exercise some understanding and just live and let live.... At least you had something interesting to look at while people watching. :)

President and Founder-

Big Gurls United

Crystal Apple said...

As one of the "friends" at the amuesment park yesterday, I also have to say that my other problem was with the way some of the girls were dressed (or should I say undressed) yesterday. Regardless of their body type, these girls today (I officially just became old with that statement), but these girls today leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Big Gurls United wrote "friends don't let friends," but what also about "parents don't let kids."

I know it's not that simple to say. Kids will pack other clothes to wear. And if they are worried about their parents going through their bag before they leave home, they'll have their friends pack something for them. Maybe I am just getting old, but then again I'm not sure I have ever, or will ever, want to see my young black sistas walking around with a t-shirt that reads "My Nipples Get Harder Than Most Men's Dicks." Trife!!!

Notta Golddigger said...

LOL to Anonymous and Crystal Apple!

To Anonymous -- As President and Founder of Big Gurls United, I see why you think I am unfairly singling out the big girls. :) I completely agree with the sentiment that there are also many men who need some "friends don't let friends" in their life! Snoop is a good example -- whew, he knows he is waaaaay too skinny to rock that 'beater!

Piggy-backing on Crystal Apple's comments, I have to again agree that our youngsters (I also just officially became old) show waaay too much these days! That girl with the shirt who Crystal Apple referenced really thought she was cute! While that shirt may have been appropriate for a late-night, all adult setting, it was completely inappropriate for the amusement park -- where, while standing in line, small children have all the time in the world to read her shirt, and then promptly ask their parents to define "nipples" and "dicks." Just tacky.

On another note, and just as a warning -- if you go the amusement park wearing all white with no bra, PUH-LEEZ don't get on the water rides and show ALL your goodies! Again, just tacky!


beyourowndiva said...

Thank you for bringing this up!
This is EARLY in the game!

The first day of summer was just last week.
Wait until August!
There are sooo many things I do not ever want to see again!

I have plenty of body parts I have to camoflouge. Not that I always do the best job but I try. That is why I am always fascintated when I see the following infractions!

1. Teenage girls with old man beer guts! Can you say "Dunlap disease" Your stomach has "done-lapped-over-onto-your-lap" You don't know if you should congratulate them for on the upcoming baby or hand them a mirror!

2. GUYS, When is the saggin' going to stop and how low can you go? I understand a little sag, it is a little sexy if done properly.
When you have a belt on below your knees,you've gone a little too far, literally. It is too much when your entire pant is pooled at your ankles. The extra huge T-shirts look like dresses. And what is so "gansta" about a grown man in a dress with his underwear showing that walks like a duck?

Curry said...

AHhhhhhhh!! @ Walks like a duck!! Man sometimes I wonder what would happen if one these dudes has to break out in a sprint!! Lawd HELP!! They'd be piled on top of each other ! I agree, sometimes it feels good to take the 'monkey suite' off and throw some clothes on that are slightly over-sized. It's relaxing, you don't feel so daggum cramped & hot, but the whole "Here, everybody check out my narrow ass' style is sooo 1993.

I'm all for big girls dressin' sexy, but I saw this lady yesterday at Carls Jr.( I shouldn't be surprised, considering the venue) that was about 5' 10", 250lbs, with basically a bra and panties on. I mean FOR REAL!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with what anonymous said: Friends don't let friends.... but sometimes those friends don't see what they have on is so wrong!! Bulges, bumps, sagging breasts, etc... You can hint all day, but they JUST DON'T SEE anything WRONG with what they have on!!! And the young girls with beer bellys and dunlap disease!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!

ljh1999 said...

Notta, you've been officially old, long before your statement this week. ;-)

I wonder if anyone finds these gross displays of flesh attractive? Why didn't I ever see the fly girls in the white tee with nothing else on at the waterpark?