Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why You Gotta Act Like That?

Have you ever been out shopping and come across some black folks who are extremely rude for no reason? Or, have you ever experienced black folks acting like they've never been anywhere before? Fresh off vacation, I came back wondering why some black folks feel the need to be rude and obnoxious to people for absolutely no reason at all.

While I was on vacation, I went shopping in an area where a lot of cruise ships dock -- which brought a large influx of black folks to the area. While in one of the stores, I saw several black folks being loud and obnoxious, and acting rude to both sales associates and other customers. It's really embarrassing to me, because inevitably, people will attribute that behavior to all of us.

For instance, I remember being in Miami some years back. The weekend prior to my being there was Memorial Day weekend, which is a huge "Black" weekend in Miami. I remember getting into cabs and the cab drivers saying things like they couldn't believe I was being nice to them, and they were so happy the Memorial Day weekend festivities had ended because the people were extremely rude to them. Sadly, the cab drivers expected that because I was black, I would be rude to them just like the others were.

Why do some black folks act like they don't have any home training? I don't get it. For whatever reason, I always thought that black folks had more home training than everyone else; but that belief is seriously in question.

Maybe I'm just holding black folks to a higher standard, or maybe some black folks really haven't been anywhere and don't realize their behavior is rude and obnoxious. Either way, it's still embarrassing to me.



Azn Like Me said...

I think you're being too harsh on black people. People all act like animals sometimes. Let's re-evaluate our mindsets and stick to the truth that 'all men are created equal'. If we start wavering, we'll start having second thoughts. It's true that those rude people exist and as your observation, they happen to be black.

It's life. When you start generalizing and stereotyping, you'll be rebutted. Not right away, soon, but you're opening yourself for a rebuttal. The moment you say white people are filthy, you enter the same realm. You're setting yourself to be rebutted.

Notta Golddigger said...

azn like me -- I considered that maybe I was being too harsh on black folks, but then I really had to think about it. When I'm in stores, its usually not the white folks acting ig'nant, it's the black folks. So is what I said really a generalization and a stereotype if it is based on what I've actually experienced?

We all may be created equal, but we are affected differently by the environments in which we are created. Perhaps there is a link between our environments and the reason that some black folks (emphasis on some) tend to exhibit less couth than others.

Either way, I'm always intrigued by a good rebuttal -- so I appreciate your comments!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I agree that SOME african american people act in a manner that is less than desirable (with people like Notta comprising the percentage of people that do not behave this way). A large portion of my encounters with such behavior is in the fast food industry. It is particularly troubling that I am often treated as a nuisance instead of a customer. I have even gone out of my way to be nice to african american employees, but am still treated in an unkind manner. And as Notta pointed out, the behavior does not seem to be at all warranted. I would be interested to hear from someone who has a reason or different perspective.

Anonymous said...

It is sad but, I agree.

Sometimes I feel that when I'm out with girfriends. They treat the waiter like crap. They run the hell out of them. Then the first minor slip he makes they can't wait to say they are not going to tip.

When the truth is I feel like they don't have the money to go out in the first place, much less tip.

I really think it boils down to a social economic issue not a race issue. We are just a minority people with a huge social economic disadvantage.

ljh1999 said...

I agree with the last poster, on some level. I think it is a socio-economic issue. You have a lot of white, asian, hispanic, etc people who don't know how to act in public. However, they are not as visible because they're not black and are not scrutinized like us. I imagine that in a restaurant setting, if a white table and a black table made a fuss, folks would remember the black table.

Anonymous said...

I think most of you posting comments don't fully understand black culture.
First of all,we are of African descent.Our attitudes are genetic.Why do you think Hip-Hop is based on Beats?It's not a stereotype,it's Genetics.
Slavery created much of the negative attitudes blacks have.We are only a few generations out of slavery.

Anonymous said...

I encounter this sort of black ignorance on a daily basis at college. As a black man invariably I feel others looking at me expecting me to act in the same foolish manner. I don't blame people for thinking this since it may be what they see of black people and then attribute it to all people. I really cant stand people acting so dumb and ignorant no matter what race they are. What happened to personal responsibility for our actions? Are these people such animals that they do not even know how obnoxious and pathetic they are?

Anonymous said...

I think there are a lot of racial differences we don't understand. I'm white, & maybe it shouldn't be my place to post here, but I'll take a chance. I would like to discuss some of the things I don't understand about black people in a civil manner, but am scared that I'll be labeled a racist or even lose my employment. I was waiting on a parking space today, with my blinker on, when a black woman drove around and took it. She clearly saw me waiting. We then had verbal altercations, as she said, "it's only a parking space, get over it," I found myself racially angry at her, & yet it could have as easily been a white or Asian person. I am struggling to understand why I'm angry at skin color versus personal character. I too think maybe socio-economic status has something to do with groups that I view as "loud or obnoxious". Maybe I'm stereotyping people when it's really economics instead of skin color that leads people to act differently. I may see groups of African-American people acting a certain way & I don't understand why, but they could just as well think the same about me. I think all races have people behaving well and not so well. I realize at times I'm not being fair when thinking about racial issues, and I have some unhealthy thinking patterns I need to change. I appreciate you having this blog to help me work through some things - sorry so long.

Joe said...

I'm a white guy from California. My comment is that I feel that black people often think white people are goofy and uncool. Now don't get me wrong, we have nerds, but so do all people. Stereotypes give us a general idea of people but don't take into consideration the exception.
I recently befriended a new friend who is black. I see racism come at him all the time. Some Mexicans called him the N-word right in front of me. We walked away! We win!
Anyways, I think that we all exclude our selves from the others too much. Jocks, Goths, Hippies, Nerds, Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Surfers, Artists, People. It's complex. It's good to understand that we all simply ARE different, and that we should still respect each other. That's what makes us American. Let us judge each other on the “content of our character.” Well…that can be hard when we have different moral views, but it's still a good damn idea! Obama carries the torch of M.L. King jr. and it's a heavy burden. I pray for him and his family so that they may guide us all to a better place. Thank you P.S. Fuck prop. 8!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Our biggest problem is, we all havn kids and the daddys dont stick aroun to see there kids first b/day so we all grow up broken from the start we gota brake the sycle

Anonymous said...

I'm a student at SFSU and I was at a student mixer hosted at Jack Adams Hall yesterday. Three blacks students from the Black Student Union performed a 'dance' that was basically them acting and screeching like monkeys. I don't understand why these students want to ingrain stereotypes (like what was stated above)when it ultimately undermines their own position in society.

Anonymous said...

i am a black person and i am not rude i am a very kind and good person. i dont go around in the stores being rude or yelling at people. to me it sounds like your saying that alll black people aare rude but that isnt true. my whole family are very very kind. and not RUDE. i think that your being harsh and mean and should change some of the stuff to some instead of they.....

Fml? said...

Fml the black people at my school think just because I'm chinese I should be afraid of them... I'm like fuck you, if you want some trouble I'll give it to you. I hate how they are all punks who think they are so cool. I mean seriously you would rather make enemies than friends with me?

Anonymous said...

I am a white male who was in the food service business for about 30 years. I would have to say that black people tend to be the rudest and cheapest customers. I also realize that they are not the only group of people who are difficult to deal with. I don't understand the lack of respect people have for foodservers in restaurants. They work so hard, make minimum wage and pay taxes based on sales, whether they get tipped or not. If you can't afford to tip, don't go to a restaurant! By the way, a standard tip is 15-20 percent.

Anonymous said...

I work in a nail salon down on the westside of my town. IT's full of bullshittin ignorant black females... the only thing that is calm and black are the males and the females with "PROPER EDUCATION" and a "LIFE"

see, what i hate about working there is that the black females at my shop are very disrespectful and rude and very very stupid. they just think only of themselves and only of themselves< very loud and crazy, and worst of all, dishonest. they steal shit out of my store, treat me like dogshit, and think i'm their slave when i do their nails..... or feet. i even had a lady run her foot up my face and told me to CLEAN MY FEET. Slavery is over mother fuckers. so don't you black ghetto ass son of a bitches come into my shop and act the fool, because 1) i don't like your anyways, never have and never will. Thats why i bow down to the white people and the more well educated black americans. NOTICE HOW I SAID BLACK AMERICANS. not no run down trailer trash shit talking bastard that comes to my store treat me like shit and expect everyone to like what they do. Shits gonna change. and i hope it does. Thats my rant for the day.

Anonymous said...

They act like animals.

You don't see whites,or asians,or any other race screamong "motherfcker!!!" at each other in restaurants,but the blacks continue to make a name for themselves.
And when they commit a crime,like theft or drug dealing,they use the typical scapegoat - "racism".

It is ben shown that blacks have significantly fewer cortical neurons in their brains. Mention race,and they jump up and down like baboons and cry until some bleeding heart politician gives in and gives them bs "rights" like afirmative action. Affirmative action is there because they could never get a good job without help. There are some smart blacks out there,but they are the exception and not the rule. Blacks act different,and its not just Americans that have noticed it. Watch cops or any of those shows - most of the suspects are black. They can't act normal.
They'll rant and rave that my posting is racist. The easiest thing to do is say "Yea whatever you say we're created equal"

Anonymous said...

I understand completely that in African American culture, being rude and obnoxious is cool. Just because you are African American doesn't mean you have to be rude and obnoxious. It's your choice. We can justify the behavior all we want, but excusing it insults the intelligence of everyone with black skin.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are more violent and have less self discipline than other races. Statistics don't lie - look at the incarceration rate for blacks.

The problem is made worse by big mouthed, small brained black "leaders" like Al Sharpton who defend violent, criminal blacks. Instead, he should be condemning their behavior.

Blacks use racism a crutch - when it's convenient. This has nothing to do with looks. People joke on Indian people all the time - but they're still successful. So are Chinese people - regardless of the driving jokes. And Jews. You don't see any of those races on Cops with crack cocaine screaming "yall planted that sheet you raciss pig". Most of the suspects are black. Personal accountability. Blacks need to start learning what that means. And if you're black and you do not do these things - you're part of the problem if you don't take steps to get it under control. Do you want other races telling your race how they should act? If you can't get them under control, somebody else will - that's how it works.

Every race has problems, but none like blacks. You've been called out by different races, from different countries, on different sides of the worlds for your behavioral problems. But you can change that. The problem is, you have to want to.

But the frustrating part is - you contain all the hardware necessary to be able to live in a civilized manner - but our culture needs a software upgrade, so to speak. Blacks are capable of having civilized, non-violent societies - I think.

Blacks can try and force the rest of society (and not just whites, by the way) to respect them by political and legal avenues - but that's not real respect. Instead - more blacks need to seek to police their own - and fight back against the insurgency of violent blacks who are bringing the rest of you down with them.

And when you can accept this - and actually take steps to change the reputation you have for being violent and drug addicted - then maybe blacks will start to earn more respect in the world.

My issue with blacks has never been merely skin deep. It's been about their character. If you walk into a department store, such as Best Buy - and every time you walk in there, someone kicks you in the head - what are you doing to do when you see someone wearing a best buy uniform in the street? Get ready for a beatdown, right?

Think of your skin color as your uniform. You don't want anyone to disgrace your uniform by acting in a violent and criminal manner.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't black people. It's obnoxious, lazy, uneducated, rude, violent, stupid people. It just so happens that alot of the people in this category are black.

There are definately whites, latinos, and asians who act the same way - but the majority are black people. It cannot be denied. Go out on a Saturday night. You're sure to see plenty of loud, obnoxious people. If you took the time to count, they would probably be mostly black. Watch the news. Most robberies and murders are commited by black people.

Anyone that denies that there is a problem with many black americans (I didn't say most, I said many) is either blind or in denial. Whether the reason is slavery or poor economic status, it doesn't matter.

The truth is, no one tries to change. Most people in this group think they are being cool. And you can't say, "Some people just have fun differently" or "You just don't understand our culture".

Being loud and rude with complete disregard for others is not acceptable, no matter how much fun you're having. Thats something we teach our children in the first grade. Its time for these people to grow up and start contributing to society. Because they do give other black americans a bad name.

Anonymous said...

I think this country made a big mistake with the freedoms it gave people. We have this liberal delusional mentality that because we are "human beings" we should be able to be put in the same "play pens" and co exist. This is so far from the truth...Can we put foxes and sheep in a playpen and expect them to coexist because they are"mammals?" Multicultural society is a failed concept. I consider this apathy toward society by blacks to be appalling...They truly are animalistic in every way and form, and you can not try to brush this off, when you see the same behavior patterns in almost every region of the world by them. There is def something wrong here, and it is something that more and more people are begining to ponder and question...

Anonymous said...

I just moved into a new apartment, its mixed between white people, spanish people and black people. Well who do you later wandering around all day not doing anything? The Blacks! Who always comes up to me to ask for a cigarette or a dollar? The Blacks! I can't even go out on my balcony and smoke a cigarette w/out a nigga coming and bothering me talking about there shitty ghetto way of life which nobody is forcing them to live. These condos are individually owned so I guess some of the owners started renting to section 8. I mean there's a recreation here and they go in and leave the lights on, holes in the walls now. It's sad to say but anywhere you have niggas everything gets fucked up! It's stereotyping, its a FACT! They don't work, collect Government money and just act like animals. They want to bitch about Slavery which nobody these days owned slaves but if they were smart they would of never been slaves and all of them still deny they were sold into slaves by their own people. I have no sympathy for them, I have no high school diploma but I work and don't use Government at all. I'm sick of this shit!

Anonymous said...

It's genetics, makes us all act different, controls our chemical processes, our brain activity, our hyperactivity specifically. That hyperactivity is interpreted socially. Frontal lobe size/development (brain) MAY also be too small for some, this is the area where pre-meditated thinking happens, anticipatory thoughts happen here. Economic status definitely changes the environment a Black American develops in, it affects the appreciation of things, values, possessions; this affects moral development vastly, or should I say moral suppression. Since some don't have so much to own due to economic status, their egos (their most valuable possession) identify themselves with the intangible, meaning: when they can't get a hold of other physical possessions, their brain gets bored and finds somethings else to control, social control, they dominate it, to make up for their lack of control in the physical realm, reality. Their actions mirror a desperate attempt in making an impression, an impression that their in control, by speaking louder than others, talking more than others, to them thats being in control, when the truth is, they've really lost ALL control in the attempt.

milkandhoney said...

One thing that bothers me as an African-American female is to see other folks in my race speak harshly about others. We as a people, have progressed to classism. It is no longer about US as a race, but we are now divided by the color green. I see from your profile that you are an educated woman with a great profession. I don't understand why you, and other educated black folks don't follow the W.E.B. Dubois's standard. Educated black folks, go back and enlightened your own. I find that when I have conversations with these "loud and rude" black folks that you speak of, they are very receptive when I treat them with respect and talk them about things that will enlightened their minds and enrich their lives. When we have open discussions about these "loud and rude" black folks, we find that it is not productive because these same folks we are talking about probably do not have internet, and if they did, they would not be on this site. Now, what is productive, is a site where we can have this conversations, and then come up with solutions.

Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace, and I am tired of hearing slavery as an excuse for why black people are angry and obnoxious. Slavery ended in the 1860's, translation, no one alive in the world today was on an African slave ship arriving on American soil. If you are so unhappy, would you be willing to go back to Africa? I guarantee that you all would not. Slavery was a terrible period in life, however it is history. You can either contribute to society, or choose to be pathetic, rude, obnoxious, and a drain on everyone. Do I like feeling like this, no, but from seeing this type of behavior daily, every time I go out,to a bar, restaurant, to a movie theater, it doesn't matter, same old soap box. I'm sick and tired of it. I grew up not being a racist, and I have now turned into one.

Anonymous said...

I think you're totally right about most black people. And then to consider the black people that come on here and try to act like your being some outrageous racist, because they 'claim' they are not loud themselves, you really think any of those loud and obnoxious black people think they are obnoxious? no. They don't understand what is wrong with their behavior, which is why they are doing it! Not to say that I am a racist or hate blacks, but you can't deny they overwhelming experience from a massive majority of people who say that they have an experienced black people acting in this fashion. It's not a stereotype anymore, it's an experience now.--why do they do it? I don't know, maybe it's cultural, maybe it's something else. I'm not a scientist, but I can put 2 and 2 together when I see that everybody else is having the same experience..i mean really, lets not lie to ourselves now...--my theory is that blacks are more aggressive than other people probably because of brain structure, just like how males are more aggressive than females, because of brain structure. It's very logical and possible, everybody is unique.

Anonymous said...

“In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.”—United States Department of Justice

Anonymous said...

"There is a physical difference between the white and black races which, I believe, will forever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality"-Thomas Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

I'm a White male who works with the general public. I don't think one can work in a position like mine and not hate Black people in general after about two days on the job. The behavior, odor and culture of Blacks is not generally appealing to Whites.

There are of course exceptions, but those are few and far between. Even educated Negros like Professor Gates in Cambridge could not control his typical Negro behavior

If Black people were judged by the content of their characters, they would beg to be judged by the color of their skin.

tex-mex said...

i just wanna say that i to feel that african americans are very loud and rude.i am married to an african american and is always bieng rude and making ugly uncalled for comments.when we go out he is really loude and unpolite to the people from the resteraunts.i just wanna try to understand a little why he is always saying negative things about evry one.even me.

Jbizzle said...

Currently having to deal with living in the "poor" dorm at my college, other black guys on both sides of me, and they all blast obnoxious "nigger" music 24/7 (like right now), and "chat" outside at 2am loudly enough that I can hear them from my bed in more detail than I'd like. I'm aggravated that I'm looked at as if I'm just like all the savage monkeys that all the other "brothers" are on campus: rude fried chicken loving wastes of space. So yeah, spot on, rude is like chicken and watermelon, just natural and cool for our culture. I'm sick of this "nigger" shit too. Being ghetto makes it all worse, to the point where I'm starting to believe in the stereo types myself, and consider myself lucky I didn't end up with the "black gene" or whatever makes people act like they're stupid.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone has good points here. I come from a rural area in IL, there aren't a whole lot of black people around. I know a few who are hard working, respectful and courteous. The fact that they're black is no longer noticed by me because it doesn't matter.
They pay me the respect that 1 person should always pay another person regardless of race.
I have noticed though that when you get several black females together in a situation where they're enjoying themselves they become very loud and obnoxious. They make fun of people for ANY reason, they yell to each other from across the building, they loudly make inappropriate comments paying no mind that there are other people and children present. They leave a large mess for someone else to clean up, and if you look at them you become the target of this behavior.
It's as if they think that the whole world owes them something so they have the right to act however they want and nobody better try to stop them or the obnoxious sass will only intensify.

Anonymous said...

Uhg black people are the worst, typical loud, obnoxious, welfare entitled, filthy animals.

We're lowering the bar on police entrance exams because not enough black people passed, but we're all equal right?

How come Japan isn't experiencing mass looting and raping? Hmm...

I hope to see the day when everyone gets their head out of their ass and starts realizing these sub-humans need to be cut off. The more we give them the more they ruin their communities and produce children who are just yet another tax burden on the system.

Niggers ruin everything.

Black Invention Myths

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why black people act and talk the way most of them do.

Occasionally, I met a black person that is the most wonderful speciman of a human being that there is.

Blacks need to pull up their pants, talk proper english, and get a job. My black friends tell me they are accused of trying to be "white" because they are responsible human beings.

Understand, if you are on welfare and live in apartments which are crime ridden, I would be unhappy too. So, do something about your situation rather than take it out on others.

Anonymous said...

sqrewz me you gotta leave.. obama. we loud act crazy cuz its fun. white p cant cus dey afraid, well we aint! leave ya'll u gotta go! black p takin ova da world. sqrewz me sqrewz me sqrewz me. thank u money from the state. i never have to work buy food gas liqour pay bills taxes rent pay fo school. gimme gimme gimme suckaz. and we be makin country broke. ha ha

Anonymous said...

i think its a terrible parthide that people think african americans are lazy unrefined people. we have to be sympathetic and allow them to develop and help them blend into society, it must be difficult when your different. if we help them become educated, well mannered, evolved citezens, we will all be better for it. we just havent been trying hard enough. having said that we must teach them the value of working and get them off government aid

Anonymous said...

what can anyone say about black people except for they took every opportunity black and white civil rights leaders and people who changed minds gave them,and they peed all over them!!

I cannot understand black woman brawling like men in the streets,at restraunts,movie theaters,on trains or at the malls.No wonder black men dont want anything to do with them????

Anonymous said...

Wow, I would have to kill somebody touching my face with their feet. I have a biracial daughter. I know all about white Italian and black culture. I do find it hard to look at some black people with respect however I have trouble with white people too. For example: a ghetto black person walks into a store I roll my eyes. A redneck gets the same reaction. Basically, we all scrutinize eachother. I don't want my child growing up thinking that black people are ignorant. I also don't want her denying white people.

Anonymous said...

I am an afro american man....I'm originally from a small town of 45k or so....there in that small town the 2% of blacks who live there find themselves 50% in the news fo crimes. Some argue that its a racist media...but logic says that if they do not commit crimes they would not make up that 50%. Now I live in the city where there is 60% afro american population. You guessed it...crime is rampant!! They tear up their neighborhoods, murder and assault each other...they pose such a criminal element in the city that neither whites or blacks are safe. Some say its about a legacy of racism...if that is the case wouldn't they attack whites moreso than other blacks? This is what happens when you have cultural behaviours within a community. Like any community many of us mimic the behaviours we are exposed to. We all have a moral obligation to choose behaviours that are socially acceptable. Not taking care of the children you bring into the world is not a socially acceptable behaviour. I believe that we have a choice. We don't have to murder or attack others just because we see others do it. Obviously not all afro americans fit the stereotype of being violent and criminal elements...but the problem is that so many do act in these ways that the entire population of blacks are identified as criminal elements. We must take responsibility for our own behaviours and actions. We can blame no one else; its 2011!

Anonymous said...

i totally understand! i live in a town where there are very very few black people and evverytime i walk in somewhere or go to a friends house for the first time i get looked at like omg shes black is she goning to be rude and aggressive. then they realized that i dont talk like african american people and that i was polite and respectuful with people. and i hate having viewed that way but there isnt really anytnhing i can do besides prove them wrong. it helps that other people see it that way too.

Murphy said...

I'm sorry Azn, but she is not being too harsh. You want to know how I found this blog? I just typed the word "Why" into Google. Guess what automatically brought up as the first?.... "why are black people loud and obnoxious". I love my people but "we" have a problem and "we" need to address it. and not be mad because other people know we have a problem.

Anonymous said...

It isn't a generalization or a stereotype. It is a fact! The majority of blacks act like animals. Just look at any major city that is predominately black; highest crime rate, rampant drug use, violence, riots, pathetic academic performance...

It's just gross. They're fucking animals.

Anonymous said...

Let me start off to say i am a white highschool male. I am not racist, my best friend is black... Now with that being said.... I observe blacks being obnoxious all the time. Some African Americans will be extremely loud, make fun of people, sleep in class, and even fight in school. I feel like they all want to be someone,but were not raised in a way in which they know how to properly

Anonymous said...

White Male
I hate every time when It is realized how crude, disrespectful, and just downright mean blacks are to others when they get together, someone tries to generalize it like its not a black thing. I myself realize the nature of blacks once they get together. They are like bands of terrorists going around disrespecting people, property, and invoking confrontations. Everyone with eyes know this including that taxi driver but most of us don't say anything in fear of being attacked by blacks or the media for it.
But we are thinking it and that is just as good.
Thats why when Blacks move into the neighborhoods, Whites move out, When blacks take over management, Whites resign.
A couple of days for Memorial Weekend or Black Bike Week is tolerable. But Whites just don't want any part of that chaos and drama everyday or in the neighborhood or workplace. Thats why we buy homes that are too expensive for us and sometimes leave jobs or cities and dwell in suburbs.
It is not the actual color of your skin but rather the mindset that is often associated with it.

Anonymous said...

There are many reasons why people behave in a rude manner.

1. Sadistic tendencies

2. Hatred of others

3. Compensation for Inferiortty complex

4. Feelings of superiority

5. Vengeance for past wrongs

6. Racism

7. Extreme anti immigrant mentality

based on a warped Sense of

patriotic duty

9. Psycohlogical predatory

All these can be culturally based-true. But that doesn't make the effect they have on the victims any less painful or any mre justified.

If indeed a person notices that he is mistreated by a certain group of a certain appearance more than he is by any other group then the natural reaction is to fear or dislike such a group.

Telling the person to just ratioinalize it away as merely a social phenomenon doesn't diminish the pain of being victimized. All it does is encourage the perpetrators to continue enjoying themselves at other people's expense.

Anonymous said...

To all of the above, I will agree that our people,black people, have gotten out of control. I tried to ignore it, and I was one of these, so called "ignant" as you would say people. I was brought up in Newport News, Va. and let me tell you, it doesn't get any worst than that. Anyway,I've completely changed my ways and now I looking from the outside I see the author's point of view. I will say, he is 70% right. Forget the (everyones an animal) gesture. I will only tell you that of all my
assaults to friends of mine, shootings and killings of love ones, robberies, purse snatching and the list can go on. It's been 100 percent black around my presence. Being it from Texas to Virginia and everywhere I've been. I've lost for words at our people. This is called " a bad spirit" and it's wreaking havoc amoungst our people. If you don't believe me, Oh well,cause it's the truth. It's call materialism, oppresionalism, lazism, don't carism and fastism (too much sex) in our communities.
Like W.E.B. Dubois once said, it's the 90% which today that number's moved down to around 88%, then it's the 12% and out of the 12%, half them don't give a %*&#@. For one, stop playing around so much,2.
stop prejudging people for what clothes (or) what kind of shoes they have, 3. stop being so (bleeping) selfish. Black people, we are in a world of hurt. If we keep acting the way we do (some black women think its funny),then
we're going to end up back on the
stand to be sold back to our masters. Think it won't happen, your a fool!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree..

Anonymous said...

Black and whites don't mix. Not even black guys like black women. That's why you see a black man with a white girl.Those. black men understand tokeep it cool if you want to blend in with the white girl folks in the nice areas.
JR. NewPortBeach CA

Anonymous said...

Lots of people on here finding a reason to excuse bad behavior. "oh, it was how they were raised' or "they just don't know any better". I don't care about excuses. If you want to be treated well and as an equal, you act like the people you want to be accepted by.
Even a child can figure that out. Enough excuses people!Start showing results!

Cindy said...

This is a complicated issue, always has been. I'd like to state, for the record, that I am a white gal who grew up in an all-white town (in the northeast, not down south like you may be thinking). My experience has always been that a-holes come in all shapes, sizes AND colors. We had no lack of rude or ignorant people in my small hometown. White people, mind you. If someone is rude, it's because he or she is a rude person. That person isn't rude because he or she is of a particular race.

Anonymous said...

I'm white and from charelston, south carolina. I grew up in a in town of mostly whites, and never interacted with blacks much. Freshman year of high school i moved to a larger city where the schools where mostly black students attended. i was shocked when i first saw a black female who acted completely normal in class, act stupid (as we've all seen) by CHOICE in the halls with friends. Why would anyone portray this stereotype, basically encouraging rascism?

I know plenty of white people who are poor excuses for humans, but they have an entire race of whites to fall back on. It seems blacks should try harder as they ARE discriminated against. It feels like all progress made by blacks in previous generations has been lost.

I work at a Subway and treat all customers with respect(at least at first..until they piss me off)and greet them. I have black clerks at gas stations etc. roll their eyes at me before i even finish stepping in the door, WTF.
On a side note me and a friend prejudge customers based on their ethnicity to what they might order. We call this flavor profiling, haha. White people get turkey or italian BMT, black people get cold cut trio or subway melt and mexicans get steak or chicken bacon ranch(these are 89% accurate).

Anyway, I treat all customers fair, sir or mam, and absolutley love black customers who are not assholes. Well, i love all customers who aren't assholes but the black ones make me feel less racist. White customers piss me off a good bit too, but again they have a whole race of people to make it up for them.

There's a doubled edged sword though: if blacks act normal then they're criticized for trying to be white!?. I guess being obnoxious and rude is a way to make a statement that they are not ashamed of their blackness. I'm glad they're not ashamed, but i think it shames the rest of black people who ARE respectable.

Obviously, whites have it the easiest by far. No white person would ever trade skin with a black person given the advantages, sad but true.

I'll stop now, my rant seems pointless and never ending. In short; obnoxious black people need to take pride in themselves and their race, white people need to stop being trendy, snoody little spoiled bitches, mexicans keep up the hard work but please get car insurance, asians don't kill yourself for not being geniuses, muslims are cool, anyone not mentioned..well you probably know what you should do too.

P.S. i am not racist.

Anonymous said...

i agree with much of what is written here. it's sad, but painfully true. i live in chicago, currently one of the murder capitols of north america. most major american cities are about the same for crime statistics and poor livability. sadly, most of the crimes are perpetrated by blacks. the kids in my neighborhood tossing garbage on our porches and lawns and talking trash are predominantly black. the folks playing boom boxes at 3 am are black. i've had my car vandalized or rammed into three times by blacks. last summer, a black hoodlum was bashing his black girlfriend's head on the hood of my car. when i called the cops, this sistah with the bloody head tried to convince me not to press charges. only an idiot would defend a goon like him. sure, there's good in bad in all races but you have to look at the large numbers, the statistics. people observe human behavior and base their assumptions about others based on what they see and experience. visitors from other countries have told me that they would never put up with black behavior on their soil. all of us can't be racists and liars for thinking this way. i have lived in impoverished third-world asian countries, and i can tell you that people there generally do not behave like blacks nor does the community put up with it. i grew up trying not to be a racist but i need more tangible evidence to convince me that blacks deserve the respect to which they feel entitled. i'm not asking blacks to act like whites or like anyone else, but i am asking them to tone the volume down and to act more respectful so that peaceful citizens can accept them on more civilized terms. furthermore, civilized behavior is not a relativistic assumption based on a particular group's opinion of what civilization ought to be.

Tim Arellano said...

I'm going to be real here. I'm a white guy. I found this article because my experiences with some african american people have been very undesirable. I'm not bashing african americans because of the pigment in their skin, but speaking rather from firsthand experience. I live with a black man and he acts like a selfish, ignorant, obnoxious, inconsiderate bastard. He claims to have been raised to have a different set of values but frankly, I doubt it. My pops taught me that all men are created equal and that we should respect our neighbors and treat them with consideration and good will, but something the article author said struck me: "All men are created equal but the environments they are created in are not." Good post man, I have faith in the black man and hope that some day when I think "obnoxious people" it wont be this bastard I live with.

Leanna said...

Then explain to me why over 90% of serial killers are white males.

Leanna said...

If black people are the only ones who act crazy, explain to me why over 90% of all serial killers in the U.S. are white males.

Leanna said...

If black people are the only ones who act "rude" and "obnoxious", explain why over 90% of all serial killers in the U.S. are white males.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about you. It's about blacks as a culture

Anonymous said...

Fml, I've got your back. I have seen this against Asians. I think they're jealous of Asians' tenacity in achievement. Yes, I'm generalizing because it's a fact.

Anonymous said...

For all the blacks that think they are superior to most, why is it that the true "African Americans" IN AFRICA don't want anything to do with the blacks in the U.S. In addition to that, for those of the blacks that actually watch the news, for those of you who think that the whites are the most of any race that commit the know you are lying but just can't admit that most of you don't have any class, respect, and most of all....intelligence.

Explain this one....why is it that the blacks are the first to call the race card when they don't get their way. Or, everyone owes them something. Or, when using the race card, it just so happens that the blacks are more racist than the white or any other race. If the true African Americans in Africa don't even want you in the African country and all these comments that everyone has to say is pretty much the same that I am describing, well, you are either illiterate or a moron if you can't take a hint on how to act or treat people.

Personally, after seeing all this and growing up in a society that has to put up with all the black BS, for those of you who actually start fights and think everyone owes you something, beware that there are people in this world, like myself, that will go to whatever extent (understatement) to give just as much disrespect and some.

Yes there are some blacks that are decent and don't have issues, but still clan up with their own when other blacks 2-face others or just plainly disrespect people. And why is it that when applying for jobs, that a black person is able to have a lower score than any other's because you complain, use the race card (when you are the most racist), and just extremely ignorant without much intelligence. In construction jobs or work that actually require physical labor, it's too much work for the black man or woman and they want to steal what they receive in life. Even the news crews require black people to talk right when they are employed with the news crews.....and that should tell you something about being all loud and obnoxious.

This comment isn't racism, it's reality. And for those who think it's racism, why don't you actually read the majority of the comment on this page, watch the news, and actually wake to see what all that I have said is reality....because that is what it is......REALITY. All you blacks want to make an excuse why or why not most of you are portrayed this way, but the fact is you can't accept the truth.

Anonymous said...

"...then we're going to end up back on the stand to be sold back to our masters. Think it won't happen, your a fool!"

Sorry, sir. But you are full of shit. Black people aren't being "enslaved" by ANYONE in America anymore, and YOU and any other black person born after the turn of the fucking century HAVE NEVER BEEN ENSLAVED. Also, I don't give a fuck about your ancestors because they are dead and gone as are the white slave owners- you don't get to cry racist b/c your grandpappy was a slave. Take some fucking responsibility for your own shit. Trust me, some bleeeding heart liberals pretend to cry over american slavery, but it's a b.s. political move. Sorry buddy, the media has made you think whites CAYRE about your dumb shit, but the truth is everyone knows you are just using the race card cause it's easier than taking responsibility for yourself since no one HAS OPPRESSED YOU BUDDY.

So, there is no need to fearmonger about how the eeeebbiiill white man is gonna re-enslave you - blacks have no problem getting themselves locked away on their own these days. The only enslavement of black people is by themselves when they act out violently and land their ass in prison. Then of course they aren't in jail cause they raped or killed someone but because the WHITE MAN IS RAY_CIST. Poor, poor dears!

Anonymous said...

All has to do with the company you keep. If you hang around niggers you will become one of them. If you hang around white trash well... u get it... However the older black folks worked hard and they seem to have more respect for themselves than the younger crowd. But I do hate it for the good black people that act civil and then get hated on because they are only the same color.
This reminds me of this black lady's bumper sticker down the road from my house.
Want Respect! Pull your pants up!
And no I am no hater for the color of your skin. That is just stupid.
You know if you are a nigger.

Anonymous said...

Slavery has been diminished for many decades, so no one can longer use that card. A 20-year-old African-American cannot blame the way they are based off of something that happened well over 100 years ago. You just have a shitty attitude, because you chose to.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with this statement that asians are smart and very well cultured. Not sure if they are jealous. One more thing is that after been through what black people have ( meaning slavery) they should understand the racial agenda. But i firmly believe a lot of black people are biggest racist among all races.

Anonymous said...

Im black and im am ashamed of my people.....the gettho ones anyways...always rude and lould....makes me sick