Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crabs in a Barrel




Anonymous said...

Brevity has its benefits! I would like to raise the argument that the crabs in a barrel phenomena is not limited to black folks. White folks tear each other down with a viciousness too!

That said, "Stop Hatin'" should be a battlecry for everyone, regardless of your race, ethnicity or social status.

For example,if I had a dollar for every person who has said with scorn, "the Koreans just come over here and open up stores and shops in black neighborhoods and the government just gives them money," I'd be rich enough to own my own franchise of hair supply/weave/knock-off bootleg purse stores.

My answer has been and will continue to be, until you are willing to stand your ass on a busy corner in the rain, sleet or snow selling roses, don't complain about what the Koreans, or any other immigrant ethnic group has done to thrive and survive here in the U.S. Stop Hatin' and start sellin Roses!


The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey Notta-

How's it going?

So, you want hater's to stop hatin', huh?

I happen to have seen the Katt Williams special on HBO and the Brother made a point that I happen to agree with completely...

Basically, let's not frown at the haters. It is just what they do. They don't want to make their situations better, they just want to whisper about YOU and talk about YOU and worry about YOU and think about YOU.

So, look at it this way - If you have 10 haters whispering, talking, worrying and thinking about YOU because your life, your style, your look and your smile are ALL THAT - Then keep on doing your thing that much harder and that much better and try to get yourself 20 HATERS next month!!!

Haters don't worry about scrubs, they only worry about Champions! Know what I'm sayin'?

Peace My Sista'

sweetest1913 said...

Ive come ot realize that haters are like roaches...always around.May not always see them...but they show up when you least expect them. But...as long as there are people talking about you...you will always be popular!


ronnie brown said...

in the context of America, we were TAUGHT to hate ourselves...

CreoleInDC said...

I enjoy my haters and strive to get more. Points out that I'm doing something right and those that aren't are noticing. LOL! Do whatchu do boo!